See what our victims - er... guests - are saying about their time through the haunt.

So, did you like it?

Wife: I don’t know... my eyes were closed!

So, what was you’re favorite part?

Husband: Watching HER!
I don’t look forward to Christmas... but I look forward to the Haunt!
For a neighborhood haunted house, it was pretty awesome!
Oh, it was fantastic! It was really, really funny and scary and entertaining.... it was incredible! It was not at all what I expected. You walk in there, and you expect something, and you get totally surprised. And you jump!

They do a lot of things that are surprising, that just makes it so fun.
That was NOT what I was expecting! You think its going to be somebody’s back yard, but you don’t think of THIS... at all! Definitely worth it!
Something scary around every corner. It was great! Well put together.
I think the monster at the end almost caught up to us. Definitely something that will be... uh... in your nightmares tonight.
Not at all what I expected! It was amazing. And scary!
I was pushing my wife in front of me... you know, better her than me!
Yes, it was scary. Yes, I would come back!