Uncle Rog is back

Roger Hayes spent decades building his own home haunt, making monsters, and generally perfecting the art of scaring the neighborhood.

When he moved from the great state of Georgia back in 2015, he sold off the assets of the haunt, which were quickly bought up by other haunt exhibits and enthusiasts.

Roger began sharing his knowledge of haunt-making through his book “Home Haunting for Mere Mortals”, which cataloged much of what he learned about planning, designing, and building a haunted area using your own home or back yard.  Thousands of copies were sold. Reception was so good that he toured to conventions like Netherworld and Dragon Con and Haunt Fest, offering personal training classes so others could learn how to design and build their own haunt artifacts to have a frighteningly realistic look, while being lightweight and easy to store.

This year Roger has started a new hobby: making products for home haunters. And it all begins with The Graveyard:  lightweight, realistic foam tombstones.

Tombstone Gallery

Tombstone Link.jpg

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