"Haunters of The Dark" Set Now Available!

November 28 thru December 1

One Autographed Copy of the Book  •  One CThulu Tiki Mug  •  Two Packets of Hot Chocolate

"In honor of the Blackest of Fridays, we invite you to shop online, stay home, and curl up with an Eldritch tome and a mug of hot cocoa!  For a limited time only, we're releasing the 2014 Haunter of the Dark set.

This great gift set features an autographed copy of "Home Haunting For Mere Mortals" and a Cthulhu Tiki mug. We’ll even throw in some cocoa with marshmallows!

Support two great small businesses, Horror In Clay and Hayes Haunt, with one great gift set purchase! You can even add a second mug and share it with a friend!"


A $109.99 value - now only $80!

(This is a limited time cross-promotion for fun, because we thought our collective fan bases would enjoy it.   I'm not involved in Jonathan's mug-making, and he didn't actually work on my book, but his mugs were props in my haunt, and we did take presentation photographs of the mugs in the haunt.  Also, I really do enjoy drinking out of them.  Happy Holidays from both of us!)